Sweet Tea N' Salty Air is celebrating Fall......come on in and celebrate with us!

Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air's virtual Fall tour....I am so very happy to celebrate with you! There is a bit of Fall everywhere except outdoors that is! Living in Southwest Florida we don't have the color changing leaves but we do have pumpkins and wonderful varieties of crisp Apples...and soon we will have a weather change.
I just had to pick the light blue pumpkins for now when we get closer to Halloween I will by the Orange Jack O Lanterns for carving. Seems as though younger children just don't except any other but orange pumpkins. I think maybe as a blogger and loving vintage /farmhouse/country style I may forget fall is really about the oranges, reds and yellows.
On this table I have a small vintage cabinet decorated for Fall surrounded by some fun Fall décor.
I have the Apple theme on the shelf behind my stove.

Don't have any Fall dishes? I have a stash of just plain ones that I decorate with paint when needed such as these painted Fall leaves. Don't think you know how to paint? Easy enough... just go online for images and you can paint from there.

The fire place has a brown paper leave , white rag garland with lights. My large goose takes center stage accompanied by some pinecones and Foe pumpkins. I crafted the pumpkin seed picture from some old wood.

The tobacco ladder has some burlap Fall letters

A little brown paper leave with cloths pins adds a tad of Fall. This is our "Pepper" a good old girl.
I wanted to make the Pumpkin seed picture 3-d so I added some burlap around the stem and some paper bag leaves. Can you tell that the garland leaves are made from paper bag? I cut them from grocery bags then painted them with some watered down craft paint and gave them a bit of a crumble.

Our little Natalie came and brought me these huge pinecones....what a thoughtful child. They are the biggest cones I have seen in the south.
On the dining table I have a huge glass bowl ....actually it is a light fixture that  I painted with some black glass paint.
I bought some plain glass candles so I just added some blackbirds and a burlap bow
Before you leave I have baked a Apple crumb cake and made some fresh cocoa.
This iron basket hangs over the butcher block



A simple Apple wreath made with red burlap and wooden apples.
So happy you could join me today! See you real soon
Join meat the following parties for some terrific inspiration!





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