Good day to you! Hope you are keeping cool with some great cool drinks and a swim or two. OK it might be reaching the high 90's here in South west Florida but it's never to hot to go to the thrift store! Here in Naples Del's Thrift Warehouse has everything and anything and at great prices. Some vintage ,some new and some just a little old. What I love about shopping here is that it has all kinds of tools to keep my hubby occupied while I ramble the warehouse. So put on some comfy shoes and lets check it out!

 Oh and we have come at the right's clearance day !
 Oh my I have my eye on this vintage drink holder. It looks like it would have been used by a worker in the coal mines to sooth their thirst, the top was used as a cup. Too cool!
 These lovely chairs were once the seat of some very petite woman perhaps for tea or a game of afternoon checkers. Love the scroly wood work and the table feet a great set for a foyer or game room.
I just love old photography, now a days children don't were those fancy hats, I don't know whom this child is but I would love to hang her on my wall, so cute!

Love this iron detailed piece and notice the vintage bread box behind such a treasure!

This vintage clock is wonderful, would have loved to see the mantle that once was home for it! Isn't it funny that this old clock has seen midnight hundreds and hundreds of times but still looks so beautiful!
 This vintage trunk caught my eye quick it has been done over from it's original state but the detail is still presented lovely . It has some box compartments that fit in so you can store things separately.
 It sits just waiting for a new home. Things just don't sit too long here, everything is priced to sell and Joanne the very nice store keeper/owner is all ears when it comes to offers!

 There are a wide assortment of vases and glassware. If your shelf is empty this is the place to come for some treasures.
A beautiful assortment of oil lamps sits on the shelf.
 Isn't this the cutest little drop leaf table? If you follow my blog you know that's my obsession! I just love me some little tables!

Fishing poles, nets tackle etc.

 This beautiful Cedar chest is waiting for that bride to be to fill it with treasures!
Chaise for total comfort ability!
Lamps and knick knacs

 I just love vintage lace doilies!
 So unique!

DVDs etc.

 Another little magazine table , so darn cute!

 This is wonderful, the tray is set on a luggage rack type piece, this would be so handy to set up an instant bar or desert tray. When not in use just fold it away! Great idea for small spaces.
 This whole sewing ensemble from the sewing books from the 40's to the.....
 Singer machine it is in excellent shape and has been gently used for all these years. The seat stores all the sewing notions.
I am not sure  if it still sews but I would imagine so. Isn't she a beut?

 This pic nic basket has metal handles and is in nice condition
 And on the level..............
 A spinning wheel, a great decorative piece in a country home.
 This is a gem of a piece, love the spindle dish rack.
And this vintage blue and white set Joanne allowed to come home with all know how I love my blue and white. I could vision these sitting near a huge black iron stove.

If you are interested in any of the pieces that you have seen please call JoAnne@ 239-304-6037 or email her at JoAnne also buys and trades. She is also willing to mail as well.

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