AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL........sewed from scraps of leftover materials and a stray frame

Hi there, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. Hope you are enjoying your summer in your own special way....some just like to curl up on the porch with a cold tea and a good book, some love to swim their day away.....some wait for the ice cream man like me. What ever you do savor the summer it just ends much too quickly.

On a really hot day ago I decided to pull out my stash of material and a frame that really was married to this lovely mirror but certain kitties that live here broke the mirror......that's ok cause I found this use for it. So I sewed and sewed and crafted this shabby sheek" America The Beautiful".

 America is beautiful , isn't she??
 I was lucky to score this vintage star from Dells thrift warehouse. It seems to have a home on this frame.



By just ripping the material and gathering as I sewed it onto the white colored strip, I was able to achieve the shabby ruffle look.

Don't worry kitties in my home I now forgive you for breaking the mirror seeing that I used it for this project.

It may look difficult to tackle but this project is a very forgiven sewing one. Got some scraps on the shelf and an old frame?? Give it a try.....have fun!
Come join me for some inspirational fun!