Hi there! happy you are here. I have been working so very hard on this project. I have had a stack of stone tiles just sitting and waiting to be used so.........I had this corner of the yard that just couldn't grow grass so I decided that a nice Italian influenced patio was in order. So I lugged all the stone tiles to the back.

I cleared and leveled the space then added a top soil with peat moss. I began placing the tiles shiny side down. Once I placed a tile I gave it a good hit with the hammer , the tile then became separated such as flagstone. I pulled the separated areas a bit then filled the crevice's with the top soil. My Grandmother had a similar patio surrounded by grape vines to make some very nice Italian wine.

So this was repeated and repeated until everyone was flat and in place. I gave a good walking on all and swept a bit. I harvested a tiny bit of moss but I will have to order it on line. Where moss can be gotten here would not be safe to travel , the everglades has way to many species of wildlife for me to travel the woods. So come have a seat on the new patio.............

By the end of the day everything came together, a cozy place to sip a cold beverage and watch the kiddies in the pool. Once the moss is set in place it will look much better. If you read along on my blog you know I can't resist an opportunity to hang some lights.

 I left some of the stone whole . I gave an old pallet a blue stain wash and hung some waterproof favorites such as a metal star, an old metal sign and wire basket.
 This top soil mixture is about 2$ at lowes.
I bought these two planters at the thrift store for 3$ for the pair, I just gave them a little white wash to accent the pretty design and filled them with some full sun plants such as Marigolds and Petunias,

 The rustier the better , this old watering can hangs from a shepherds hook.
Just waiting for a couple of people  and some cold lime infused Beer....yum my favorite, did I mention that my hands are a bit torn up? more than usual, pretty nails on these hands will never exsist

An old red tool caddy sits atop waiting to be filled with my garden Tomatoes.

An old lantern to lend some evening light .

I was able to get a bit of Moss from around the central air unit lol. But I will soon have all the cracks covered with moss.

Just a little place to steal a little relaxing time, thank you so much for joining me today and happy Spring to you!

Come join me for some wonderful inspiration!
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