Hi there! so happy you could stop by today, I have been loving those garden hose wreaths that I have been seeing so shhhhhh, on clean up day I was suppose to throw away the old non working garden hoses seeing that Mr ST went out and bought the caddillac of hoses, but I really took one and stashed it in the back shed in hopes to make a wreath to put on the screen door that leads to the garden. So yesterday I scanned the thrift store for good quality flowers meaning not the $ store ones usually I like anything from there but if I can get the 10$ a stem from the thrift store I will opt for that. You have to search well some may be in an arrangement that you can pull apart some are in bunches taped together. I got these that I used on the hose wreath for 2$ and I still have some left over.

I am not sure the names of these pretty ones but they all seem to go with each other.
I just made a circle and wove the hose in and out.

So you ask why does this lady have lattice on her screen door....well our cats have no mercy for screening. So lattice has seemed to work.
If you have never made an arrangement such as this its very simple, start with your center huge flower and work from there , the process is very forgiving. I used 50lb. test fishing line to hold everything together usually my glue gun is used but we are in for storm season soon with windy rain each day sometimes for 10 min. and some time for hours. So I had to make sure it was tightly put together. Believe me it's storm ready.
So Im not saying to go out and cut your good hose now , this is only for those broken down old hoses. lol
So for 2$ and a discarded garden hose you can have a little something pretty for your door. You can get as fancy as you want by adding any old stuff such as old garden tools or an old watering can. Also any faux flowers can be washed in a sink of soapy water and if they look like they cannot be wet a bag with a tiny bit of salt is the remedy , just add the flowers and shake ....the dust will come off onto the salt!
Have fun and make you one!
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