A simple piece of furnure can be used as a room divider !

Welcome! so happy you could stop in today........if you visit here you will know that I often change things up a bit not a bit a really lot!. I think its just a challenge for myself  to see what I can do with thrift finds and how one piece of furniture could be used in so many different ways, such as this piece....

If you back track posts you will see this piece started as a bakers rack  then a mini kitchen island then a decorative piece in the living room but now its working well as a room divider. The dining room is open to the living room but I kind of like that bit of separating rooms. Where I come from we don't really have the open floor plan. I attached a window type frame that has been closed with chicken wire , it gives some more height.
Its a great way to give me a reason to decorate another surface. Here are some cow embossed glass bottles filled with some spring flowers. I found the vintage cherry tablecloth at the thrift store.

This cute little apple lamp was also a thrift find and it throws off just a hint of brightness for dining.
I also tried some apples in the vintage tool box and a white platter, I love apples all year through it doesn't have to be Fall for that!
You have seen my Counrty Door shutters in many places too , today I have placed them in the living room exit doorway that leads to the kitchen.
I have attached a semi sheer curtain to the back of the shutter. I have had more fun decorating with theses shutters and the price is very reasonable . I am scanning the online catalogue for some more pretty shutters. I am looking forward to finding some more treasures ! Have a great weekend friends!


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