Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty air, I guess you can see I have Christmas on my mind...... Well come on hop on the sled.........As I mentioned in a previous post  we are gutting the guest bathroom and that means  some scrap wood for me, well at least I hope it was a piece of scrap wood. Well it all started like this I was thumbing through my favorite Country Door catalogue and I saw these set of 2 sleds for decorating so I called Mr. S in and had to show him when I call him in that usually means I need his approval not really for making the purchase. Well I sat and thought about it for a while and actually I want everything Christmas in the book so seeing that I could take some scrap wood I have paints my own jigsaw I thought I would give my sled making a whirl. I studied  vintage sleds for a while on the internet. And this would be the perfect opportunity to use some metal scrolled pieces I had been saving from a wall shelf that I took apart.
 3/4 inch plywood
I used sheets of newspaper for a pattern so all would be even.
Here he is  straight from the vintage SNO Sled co. wink wink! 

After cutting out my 2 pieces of wood I gave them a total black lick of paint. Then using a paint scraper I made the wood panel lines. Don't have many Christmas things so I used some potato flakes for some snow!

 Next I gave it a wash of red paint wiping a bit with a cloth. Then I made a Co sign.
 Lots of sanding...........

The best part is I can totally deck this sled out for Christmas with greenery etc. And now I can get back to the catalogue and buy some things that I totally can't craft! I will share this sled closer to Christmas after I deck him out with some greenery that he deserves! Thank you so much for stopping in , have a great weekend friends!

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