Tired Old Black Wrought Iron Bench Gets a colorful makeover & the dining room gets some colored additions

Hi ........nice of you to stop in. Enjoying the weather? Its been really weird here in South West Florida. It has been really chili in the evenings such as it is in dec. Jan. Soooo what I am tring to say is I think we are in for a doozy of a winter. I was given this cute wrought iron black bench a long time ago. So I decided to give it some color and bring it back to life Don't you just love taking something not so pretty and bringing it back to where it should be?

This is the before

The plaid was sundrenched with color retention

 But no more..........................
All new clothes for the bench and a pretty color makeover. I added a strip of burlap and some stenciled letters for fun.
I got a few of these wide brimmed Pottery Barn coffee cups while I was thrifting.

The bench that I previously had here was not comfortable but all the ones that have set at the table and tried it out claim this bench is much better. I just dry painted it with "Keywest",  a pretty color and left some black showing through.....and all those messy pasta eaters will have to sit else ware.

I had a vintage mirror frame that I have used on the fire place from time to time, so I decide to from out some open shelving in the dining room with it , a shabby vintage look using some rag garlands.
 My sled that I recently made has a temporary home .
I also picked up this cute vintage apron for 1$ , just love its strawberry way...

My cat didn't waste much time finding a comfy place to nap.

 I also gave the mini shades a wash of the same color.

 Strange enough, the dining room now has a colorful glow to it from the color washed shades. Thanks  for taking a seat here for a while! Have a wonderful kind a day  as I recently heard  It's a good day for a good day! You can find me at these fun linky parties!


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