Hi there, welcome! Hope you are enjoying your Fall season. The Fall season brings much more cooking and crafting here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air such as doe made from scratch and soap making. I have had some requests from locals here that want to get in on soap making and such so I need extra comfy stools without spending a bundle. I had a stash of old milk crates in my shed so I cleaned them up and brought them in.

First step was I tie strapped them together. Don't ever underestimate the power of a tie strap, I think I use them more than anything else.

This is a common old thing that many of us have around. I think that they can hold at least 300 lbs. "Sew", I got my sewing machine going .

I used four different pieces of material , one for the seat, one for the base of all sides and two for the ruffles. I used some older thrown pillows under the seat material so they are actually pretty comfortable. . They are perfect height with my work table. I decided to make the dining room a craft/sewing/food prep such as a butlers pantry all in one and even fold a load or two of clothes when I don't want to stay in the laundry room. The living area has become the open concept area with the dining table/china cabinet and breakfront on one end, the room is large enough to combine them.

So far I have been enjoying having this multi purpose area, No school on Friday so Natalie and I will be cooking something up in here.



 I left enough wiggle room in the top part to accommodate a fluffier pillow for those that are seeking the ultimate comfortable stool.

The best part about these stools is that when they are dirty they are  one piece and I just pull them off and throw them in the wash.
 The material was large scraps I already had.

This may not be a beginner sewing project but if you make a simple "cube" fitting without the ruffle it would be easier. Any questions on sewing feel free to email me, I am not a pro just a self taught experimenter! Happy Weekend to you!
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