Happy Sunday to you!  Hope you are having a better one than me, my home is in array today, we had a leak under the guest bathtub and it. I got to do some thrifting we had to go get wood etc. even a new soaker tub when we took the tub out it had some rust on the under arm . The water damage went onto the kitchen sub floor a tad so we have to replace that as well.

Enough about all that.....I will show the bathroom makeover soon. As I was thrifting I found a whole bag of wooden handle cookie cutters at Dels Thrift warehouse the very place to go here. She has a bit of this and a bit of that. Then at Good-will a framed piece with tiny chicken wire  along with some flour sack dish towels, I was thinking a way to combine all 3 things and this is what I came up with.
I crafted a rag wreath out of the flour sack and attached the cutters to the wreath then hung them on the framed chicken wire. I decided to just lean it on the stove hood I use that non slip rubber lining from Rubber made to keep it in place . I use that stuff allot for keeping dishes etc. from slipping.
 I rarely use the cabinets up above the hood.
 Three of my favorite items all together....rag wreaths, cookie cutters and chicken wire.
 Why not make the area that you spend most of the time in as cute as can be?
 It's fun placing the unexpected in a place that you would never imagine . If décor doesn't look well in one place try the unexpected!  Thank you so much for stopping