Hi there so happy you stopped by to see my shabby "Something from nothing" Pump"Cans". I just love making something from nothing! How about you? Are you the type to spend a fortune at the local craft store or use the resources that you have on hand? Don't get me wrong I spend at the craft store as well, stencils, paints materials, glue sticks etc......But today this craft can be made from things around the house.
These are my tin can Pumpcans! A craft easy as pie and the little ones can help too!
 This is Mo, he insisted on being in this photo shoot.

One things for sure I have all my ducks  Pumpcans in a row!

 This is all the supplies you will need  for this craft, old big or little cans or even plastic containers,elastic bands, cording , material or even old clothes, I used Mr. Sweet Teas Nike tee he never wore because he didn't want to look like a pumpkin. Paper bags and paint if you like. I made some orange , the kids in the house can't accept white or any other color but orange.
 The procedure is simple cut enough material place can in center and just bunch the material and tie tight with rubber band. Cut some bag for the stem and just wrap around the bunched up material and rubber band with the paper bag using wet hands , brown paper works best that way for molding. Cut some leaves out , you can trace your childs hand for the leaves. Then just hot glue the leave on.
 I took some green cording and sprayed it with a bit of hairspray and wound it on a wooden spoon so the vine would look curled. You can add a face or not.
I made this pumpkin with décor in mind.

Hope I have inspired you to maybe get your family together and make some of these Pump "Cans"! Thanks so much it has been wonderful having you!