Hi there, welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air! As usual I have been scanning the thrift stores for some décor goodies. First stop Del's Thriftstore ware house. I recently did a post to introduce you to this thrift store adventure. They have everything and anything and always have new treasures. As I was walking through the door this little cabinet was just calling my name.....

This little wooden cabinet stands about 2 1/2 feet tall as was intended for doll clothes such as an All American Girl Doll. But since our little Natalie has not had any interest in the doll I have placed it in the kitchen along side my work center. I placed some kitchen collectables on top such as vintage wooden handled mixers etc..

 The inside of the cabinet has a top shelf a wooden pole for hangers which I hung a cute farm house towel on. An old sifter I'm sure you seen before it's my favorite and an old tin salt shaker. A cabinet this small can fit just about anywhere and packs a huge décor punch.

Next a Good Will find , A vintage serving tray in yellow and that awful Avacodo Green that was so popular back in the day. I hated it then but now I find it very decorative.

This tray does not have any markings on it but it appears to be very old. A while back I picked up this teapot for Natalie and the small cups as well, it just happens that it totally matches the tray.
Hope you have been inspired to shop your local thrift stores , you never know what beautiful treasures you will find. Happy thrifting!