Hi there, so happy you could visit us here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air ! As you probably have seen I love vintage farm house style , especially in the kitchen. I have searched and searched for just the right cabinets until I figured out that for about 9.00 for a can of Rustolium White gloss that can be used on metal, wood etc, a good soft paint brush and a ruler one small and one large  can be used to make my own Farm house cabinets. I'm not going to lie it did take a whole day to complete but time well spent! What do you think?

The color previously was a gingerbread.
So while applying the white I I let the base color come through on the stencil/ vinyl spackling  design that I previously did when they were the gingerbread color.

I also used a scraper to draw lines in the cabinet when the paint was still wet using a ruler of coarse so you get the look of old wood panels.
 I also painted the butcher block island the same as the cabinets.

Of course this may not be everyone's cup a tea to speak but I love the farm house look.
The whole trick is to use the scraper when the paint is still wet so I distressed the entire cabinet with a scraper no sandpaper was used in this cabinet redo.
 I had bought a string of LED lights after Christmas so I included them in the kitchen for some whimsical fun!
 I was going to  replace the handles but I kind of like the way they came out so I just may keep them.
 All this work it's time for a piece of delicious Florida grown watermelon, join me wont you?

So lots od distressing and painting and all for about 9.00. This kitchen is a "working" kitchen , dinners are cooked nightly except fri that's date night. Baking is done from scratch at least 3 times per week plus we started to do some pickle making etc. so we indeed need a happy place kitchen .

So this cabinet redo was a mere 9.00 very cheap for a great farm house impact! If you do use this Rustoleum product add just a bit of water to the paint as you go along I found the paint to be much to thick. So If your tired of your drab kitchen cabinets go on and give them a paint treatment. Thank you so much for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. If you have any questions about the cabinet redo about paint or the stencil sparkling  just email me and I will be glad to answer any of your questions. 

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