Hi there welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. So happy you could take a visit here today, Pull up a newly painted dining chair and Ill pour you a sweet Tea! Remember those tired looking chairs in the dining  room?

Here it is all dressed up with a vinyl spackling stencil design such as you seed on the Farm house kitchen cabinets. And here it is all painted black tie.

I decided to leave the wooden seats alone. I just gave the spackle design  a little rub with some light wax. I had bought a Better Homes And Garden Farm table at Goodwill a while back, it also had a wooden top similar to the chairs but I decided to make it look like a real Farm house table. That's Sissy our black lab taking one of her several naps per day.

I sanded it up a bit and used the Rustoleum White that I had left over from my kitchen cabinets and used the same process, a ruler to make the wood lines and a scraper. No sand paper was ever used with this process, you must do the scraping and drawing of the lines when the paint is still wet. Al the area where I scraped I used a all weather light brown sealer.

Love it in black and white!
I had four of the same chairs so I painted up a wooden bench for one side.
I also put the wood lines in the bench and used a scraper on the wet paint.
Oh and the marriage I was referring to is this.....
So I have this very huge bakers rack in the dining room that was already black and I also had a very heavy dresser mirror frame from many a moons ago so I was just playing around for a new place to put the frame seeing that one of my kiddies broke the very old mirror and it fit nicely and framed the bakers rack in. I kind of loved the "marriage" so I attached it securely. What do you think ? I attached a swoopy kind of material skirt to the bakers rack so I could use the bottom for storage  for like Mr Sweet Tea's Juicer he bought and only used once!
And you know my old round dining table? well I have put it to good use as our new coffee table in the living room . It works out great Little natalie just pulls up a stool and can sit and color or have a quick snack.

I separated the pedestal base and attached a wrought iron base from a former fire pit. The table is placed in the center of the room. I didn't harm any of the pieces just in case I want to turn it into a dining table again.

Happy week end to you all and remember don't be hasty about throwing furniture  etc . to the curb you can repurpose or paint and make something new again!

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