Hi there, so very nice of you to stop by! Today I want to share some Easter around the house. Decorating does not have to be expensive, all of this decorating was done with plastic eggs that we speckle painted, old book pages we cut into strips for Easter grass and old pieces I have around the house I also had a piece of fabric that fit the Easter bill so I cut it into bows etc. My favorite is a bunny handkerchief that was my mom's when she was a child. Just a little imagination is all you need.

 A wooden egg box I bought some time ago holds an antique egg dish some Easter grass and some speckled eggs.
 Natalie and I gave our wooden bunny a new look with some paint a bow and a cotton tail.
 A little bird makes a nest on some burlap.
 Some antique books get wrapped in a pretty Easter bow.
 My grandma's teacup holds a little nest.
 Adding some Easter colored glass such as greens and purples adds some interest. You see the collection of baskets hanging from the wooden beam?, those are put there before Easter you see, the Bunny takes them down on Easter Eve and fills them with candy and prizes for the good kids.

 The kitchen counter has a touch of Easter with an old scale and bunny and carrot made from a brown sack.
 Little wooden bunny sits aside a little nest on the kitchen window shelf.
 Here is mom's old handkerchief , I have it draped on the side of a hanging wrought iron kitchen basket.
 I found these 2 little egg holders at a thrift store they are hand painted from Mexico and vey old.
 This pedestal  holds a nest in the center of the table in between the 2 egg holders.


Thank you so much for stopping by today it was wonderful having you visit!
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