Happy Sunday to you! Been keeping the busy up.....Easter crafts for decorating, grilling and a cake! Not to mention the everyday cleaning and laundry. Saturday is outing day for us, we thrifted a bit and saw the latest movie Noah, spectacular film! I would recommend it to everyone.

Natalie and I did some paper bag crafting today, I am so amazed at what a brown paper bag can turn into. Keep in mind todays craft used 1 brown paper bag , paint, a stray piece of wood, some burlap and craps of material.

 We cut out the chicks , then wings and beaks, painted them.
 We took a scrap of wood and turned it into a swing that we covered with burlap and hung it onto the fireplace.
 This little guy is trying to hop on if only the swing would stop moving! Brown paper is so versatile and could be shaped when damp.
 Some chicks are holding on to some of the speckled eggs we painted.
 Some have their little legs hanging off the swing.

We used material attached to the wood to hold the swing up. This is a wonderful craft to do with the family, lots of fun seeing the chicks come to "life".

The children can paint the pieces very easily , brown paper takes to paint well too!

Hope you will try an Easter craft with little ones, thanks so much for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

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