Hello there, As usual Mr. Sweet Tea and I went on a thrift store endeviur so come on hop in and lets see what we will find....

A very pretty old Johnson Brothers of England numbered platter, we will definatly get this at 2.99 . White table ware is always beautiful .

Look at this , I have been looking for just the right soup tourine and this will fill the bill . It is veined and very old, there is a huge stamp on it but we just cant make it out. Are you familiar with this piece? I would love to know more about it.

This is the stamp I can not make out. But for 6.00 well buy it!

What a lovely piece of material , new in form and only 1.99 for about a yard. It brings the flair of vintage to me . We'll take it!

A lovely black iron lamp base it's priced at 7.00 but seeing it's on a black tag it will be half price at 3.50. Good-Will has a different color each week that when the item has that color on the attached tag it will be half price, yah! a great find.

 I am sort of partial to dishes with blue seeing that's the living room color theme at this time, I would love to hang them on the wall. For .99 each that's a great buy. Havilland china one is a bit chippy but that will just add character.

That concludes our thrifting for today but see you next week for some more thrifting aventures, we have had fun! Thanks for stopping by today!
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