Welcome to Sweet tea N' Salty Air, so very happy you could stop by. I am thankful for all my readers that I can share all my décor and crafty craziness with. Well you know how I had the cocoa colored living room walls? I tired of it, the darkness of the walls was blocking the perfect Chi that I was trying to obtain. So I scanned the home centers for the perfect color that would be versatile with all my color themes. I finally choose "Whispering Wheat" by Glidden, I choose the paint that was a little more money but primer and paint in one, It actually covered the dark brown in one coat I give that paint an Aplus! I thought I would have to swipe it at least 2xs. The colors that Glidden recommends is Polished Pewter and Smokey Charcoal that will match well.

The contrast works well with the fireplace I painted a deep charcoal color along with the dark mirror , it makes the fireplace pop with color even though its dark.

 I left some white showing through on some of it to add some visual interest.

I added some wisteria to a grapevine swag to give it some height also I hung a piece of milk glass.  I think I will hang some dishes from my latest thrift adventure. The room is much brighter there is recall not a lot of natural light that shines through seeing that hurricane shutters are like an awning so they can be put down in a snap , we are in hurricane area and all glass gets covered when we are alerted.

 This is the brown wall and light color on the fireplace the brown was nice while it lasted but the lighter color really opens up the room. Remember contrast is really a plus for making your furnishings pop. Thank you for taking the time from your busy day!

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