Welcome to Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, so very happy you could stop by. I have been constantly busy with Spring preparations, mostly gardening Today I want to share a very special piece that was bought for me from a local antique auction from a very sweet friend . If you visit here you know that I love old things that tell me a visual story, perhaps because I am a writer by day so to speak.
When I got my hands on this treasure my mind wandered quickly with thoughts of just how many rivers the gold prospector worked this pan at. This shallow pan was used in shallow water such a river. It would be dunked under and retrieve grains of gravel and sand and hopefully a gold nugget or two. I don't know if it was used in the California Gold rush or not but she sure has seen her day, she wears a cover of rust and truly looks tired. But to me it's beautiful. It looks as though someone had given her a coat of gold paint and drew a line map on it , it also has someone's initials as Y. O. on it.

I made a small garland to decorate it with and my rooster proudly takes guard.

 Perhaps the retired gold prospector drew his treasure map!

 Here it is turned upside down , sure looks overworked right?  Today they still sell gold mining pans with a similar design. Today as well as yesteryears gold is one of the earths best gift! Even though there are several ways to "dig" for gold the pan is still used by many prospectors in shallow water. So happy I could share this little piece of history with you, Thanks so very much for stopping by!