Hi there, happy Spring! This week has been busy ! Lucky for me little Natalie and I have been super busy redoing the" lounge port", a name I have made up for this area. It is really a covered car port that brings you on in to the screened in porch. This area gets used very much in the summer time. The pool is nearby so this is where we eat lunch etc, It's also great to sit out there in the evening because you can view the night sky. The first detail was to power wash the total area. Then we mixed up the paint adding a non slip element that really resembled baking soda.

Lucky for me Lowes had 2 gallons of grey on the oops counter so total paint cost was 10.00, the skid guard 5.00.

Ok....so this is what we are covering from last season, trust me we have allot of wear and tear in this area.

Little Natalie can swing a paint roller better than most, she is my painting /craft partner! It's not all work and no play though we are headed out to the circus today! Yay! She is touching up a tad before we decorate and bring the furnishings in. I really don't use new or the best stuff out here, every one sits around with wet bathing suits and beach goers seem to lose their sand here as well, juice gets spilled daily etc so I have to be able to spray this all down as needed with the hose.

We decorated the iron railings that spate a tiny porch that holds a vintage small table set. We used some red chili peppers and white lights and attached some black and white checked bows. I thought chili peppers would be fun seeing that this is where we BBQ.

 Comfy chairs and pillows scattered here and there.
 I used a light summery tablecloth that I made from a shower curtain so it could take the weather and the family!

 This wicker shelf works as a privacy screen when opened out .

 These cute glass turtle voltive holders lend some light to the table.
 I bought this mini Chimminea at Joanne fabric, it works great with a candle

I placed a bakers rack near the grill. We found a nice piece of wood so we made a chalk board that fit nicely on the the rack.

My vintage bird cage hangs along side a decorated tobacco ladder.
This is a daytime photo of the BBQ table I added a mirror that did not have a frame so I painted a copper frame around it and gave it a coating of sealer.

I brought out the family farm table and placed it near the grill as an added space to set pans etc.
Floor iron candles are great for some added light and ambience .

For now I will keep the floor a solid grey but I have some ideas about painting some "rugs' soon. Thank for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!