Hi there if you've been following along you seen me create a spring mini garden but spring one minute and hot cocoa the next! Well maybe not that extreme but it's a tad colder. I have some pretty Petunias that I put off planting for now. Well just put those aside and let them soak up the sun for now.

So I took 3 shelves that I had sitting idol and gave them some black paint and sanding to distress them. I had an empty wall in the dining room that I had to jazz up a bit.

The rooster dishes are the last of a set that I have had for many years, A gift from my mom. I have a set of the gold ware but no one likes eating off of them they say that it has a metallic taste to them so I just use them for decorating.
Two straight scalloped shelves and one heart shelf that is holding a little bleu creamer and sugar that was handed down to me.
That's my silly rooster sitting on the ladder back chair, every year here in Ft. Myers Florida they have a huge craft sale and that is where he is from. I have changed the dining room color but can't seem to part with the fruit border.

The little yellow vintage girl was my grams, along with the vintage blue vase.

I don't know about you but I have ruffkins around here, you cant be too careful! What are ruffkins you ask? Kids horsing around banging into things especially when I am not home. You know how that goes when the cats away the mice will play. I often have something that is broken but no one knows who did it, you too? So to be on the safe side that blue platter is actually hung on the wall just in case.

Because it is so close to Valentines Day I added some redness with the heart pan and beads. Also added some red, pink and white flowers to the blue vase.  Sure was nice having you stop by today! Thanks so much !
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