Hi there, ready to go? Lets go thrifting, you all know that I love the challenge of the hunt as well as the challenge of what I could turn these thrift items into. Soooo...this week we have 20$ and a few hours. The most important part of going is to make a mental list of some areas in your home that you would like to fill with some special finds. Today I have the covered outdoor space where you want it to look pretty but on the other hand you never know when someone will bring in some fresh caught fish and want to clean them in that area.  I am always scanning the thrift stores for vintage dishware that seems to be my #1. Along with shelves and anything crafted of real wood. Vintage and wire baskets are great to. Where in heavens name does she put all this you ask???? Simple , I hate cluttered so when I am not using something it sits idle in a cabinet till it's there turn . I am always switching things out and redoing them.

In this area there is about 5 thrift stores so lets go on in to this Good Will! Wow! Look at this....
A cute wire basket tea pot! 2.99 ,we'll take it. That would be cute on the outdoor table. Lets go this way---------->  Oh a colorful spring table cloth that appears to be in new condition.
And it's round to great deal @3.99   Wow we are finding some great stuff. Today the color at Good Will is clear, which means anything with a clear or white sticker is half price. Lets check the dishes and glassware.

I spyed this right away a piece of Spode which is highly collectable and a white sticker 1.99 so it will be just 1$. not bad for such a pretty dish made in 1926.

OK now as we move along ,ohh check this out a decorative piece of tin  only 6.99

Its about 21/2 ft. X 1 ft. Pretty as it is but I have plans for this pretty!
It may be a custom made piece, filled with beauty and detail!

Lets take a look at the textiles, I would love a bright spring rug........and right here this one will do and in perfect condition and washable. Did I mention I wash just about everything, last week I broke my washer by washing a rubber back carpet that shredded to bits, boy did I get in trouble seeing that I go through washing machines really fast. 
A nice woven spring colored carpet for 2.99 right in our budget. 
A huge white cotton kitchen towel, this would be cute done over !Well we are right on budget. It is important that you construct a good budget for thrifting. So for 20$ we did get some wonderful things. Please come back tomorrow so I can share what I have done with some of these thrift finds. Thanks for coming along!  It's always fun having you!

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