Hello there, happy you could stop in! I have been up to a few projects the last couple of days, it has been so much warmer the last few days that I think I have come down with spring fever, I know it's a bit early but I could not resist. Today I will be freshening  up a big flower bed with red mulch. Our grass is green for the first time in years during the winter it usually turns brown unless you water daily or have a sprinkler system.  So I created a small little garden retreat that includes a crafted sign, a crafted flower garland, two huge painted cans with plants, a crafted wreath, and best of all some plastic fencing that I found someone throwing away (why I don't know), and of course my iron vintage garden bench that was gifted to me by two very nice ladies! 

I propped the "Sunshine" sign on the bench along side a watering can that I previously painted.

Cans were painted a light summer green with cranberry accents using out door paint. Please don't ask me the name of the plant but it's simple and very easy to grow. in beds it spreads and makes good ground cover. The leaves are a vibrant cranberry and green color.

This garland was simple and adds a hint of color . I cut out big flower shapes and gathered them in the middle with a bit of hot glue. Then just lightly painted on a splash of color and added a button in the center. I attached them on to a piece of cording, simple and colorful!

A gift from a sweet neighbor this little rooster house hanging lantern holds a tea light, I hung it on a garden hook.

I aged the white plastic a bit with some black  paint just lightly brushing the edges with some black out door paint.

 Did I mention that I cut all the grass, pulled the weeds , who am I kidding I love every minute of it riding the tractor is really my favorite! And of course a pitcher of lemonade was in order.

Thanks so much for coming by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air for just a bit of Spring inspiration!