Hello there, Valentines day is right around the corner, seems like the days go by so very quickly. I have taken my black chalk painted wooden box ,retired the Christmas deco and brought on in the Valentine!  I have so many of the Glass bulb covers, Can you tell someone is an electrician around here? Instead of tossing the glass shades we save them for projects such as this. So I gave them a coat of cream colored chalk paint and a light sanding and they hold tea lights perfectly, so don't throw away those little bulb covers you can use them on projects.  I made a little garland out of some

wire and small cutout out material hearts.  I attached some festive carnations and some burlap bows here and there, so I just used things that I had around the house, mail is just so boring to put in this chalk painted piece.

A great way to do an arrangement like this is to shop the house gather some reds pinks and whites in materials glasswares candles etc. and just work it all together. Starting first with some kind of container maybe  a festive bowl or if you have nothing you can cover a box with some pretty material or old sweater the ideas are endless.

This one sided arrangement is perfect for a cozy entryway. Hope this will inspire you to get your Valentine on.  Thanks so much for visiting today and allowing me to share my latest craft! Come join me at the following linky parties!