Old man Winter has hit Florida & some vignettes that include white lights that lend a bit of a festive mood year long!

Hi there, hope you are keeping warm with some hot chocolate and soups and all that good stuff! It is coooold out today if I didn't know better I would think that we had snow clouds. The weather is cold and cloudy to spite the fact that many people think because you live in Florida you are basking in the warm sun  sitting poolside sipping fancy drinks. That is allot of bulllll. It's a matter of fact I have only been to the beach a few times since I have lived here and that's only to go on a pontoon boat. Actually the really good part about living here in Florida is that Yard Sales go on all year long.

I decided to  reposition the white lights and keep them. We have many celebrations in January and February, seems everyones birthday is in those two months. I placed the ladder on the side of the fireplace it seemed like the perfect fit. I strung the white lights on the fireplace top under a pretty lace runner and around the mirror, I also left the white and black rag garland around the mirror for a splash of shabbiness! A big fat overstuffed chair is anchored along side the fireplace which is the focal point of the living room.

A huge 5 point star sits a top the ladder with white lights.

The two little winter birds that I bought ay Cracker Barrel sit on a nest of raffia. Can you hear me crying?? I took the dogs out and when I returned inside one of the birds was laying on the floor in pieces. I know who the culprit is.... darn I loved that little bird.


I did not make that sign it was a gift, it reads "The Hand That Gives, Gathers"

My over the sink window  where I spend so much time is decorated for amusement. Washing dishes won't be as bad with something pretty to view. I have added the jar set from Cracker barrel with white lights. Star tin cutters hang on the berry garland.with white lights.

I didn't dare take the scarves off the iron birds.....brrrrrrr!
A Swifts Borax Tin sits on some vintage books in the left corner of the window shelf.

I picked this red tin heart at the thrift store so I took some paint and softly distressed it.

I am so happy you did stop by! We love to read your comments good or bad so please feel free to leave your opinion. Stay well and warm!

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