Kitchen Accent Wall Takes On A Whole new Look!

Well hello there, happy you could stop by, I really appreciate every single one of you that do stop in! I have been a very busy bee the last couple of days. I have this one accent wall in the kitchen that has really been bugging me! I just hate it. It was just a cream color  and very boring, I had a recent post that included a makeshift desert serving area I just the love the desk turned serving area but not that wall.

So I decided to give it a makeover so I painted the wall with some recently bought Opps paint, I will call it malted chocolate it just has that look! I have had these 4 punched tin square pieces that I picked up on clearance about 2 years ago so I gave them a very light coat of pistachio colored paint. I had picked up this marvelous round clock/table top at Good-Will. I really had no specific plans but I did like the look of it on the accent wall.

I also added some other things such as this shelf, I didn't want to attach it to the wall so it is placed on top of two wide mouth glass vases. Under it I placed pieces of vintage glassware. So when the vases are placed upside down you can see them , and this holds up the shelf.

This vintage shutter was placed on the left side and attached to it is a really super old pin up lamp you know those with the red metal shade? I remedied that by taking some foil and pressing a stencil on it such as I did with my kitchen back splash. I gave it a white wash and a spray of protective coating.

I also hung a basket on the shutter and filled it with some desert dishes.

Under the glass I placed some burlap and black and white checks. The glass will keep it clean and dry.

The shelf holds glasses etc...

A little shelf holds a glass pitcher my aprons and a copper basket. The pantry door has a chalkboard painted on it so I gave it a foe wooden trim.

I found this cool wooden bowl and a box of foe cherries also at Good-will, I really love that place.

The coffee pot sits on this very useful piece, it has many shelves and a small drawer. I attached a cutting board to the top. The shelves hold cups , coffee, filters and hot cocoa.

I bought this silver piece at a yard sale it has a pretty pearl handle.

This little white napkin holder is perfect for an array of desert size dishes.


Thank you for stopping by, the first treat to be served from this area will be some homemade Oatmeal cookies! 

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