What do you do with a pile of old pants?? Make a sac holder!

Hi there happy you had some time to stop in! We have been having some crazy weather her just the kind that makes you want to cozy up with your sewing machine! I would like to share what I have made today with a pair of my sons old pants. ....

You don't need to be a pro sewer for this project just cut off a leg from the unused pants and sew rough edges sew inside out add handles and maybe some burlap, stencils, bows or what ever you have around in your crafts. This would make a great little hostess gift also. I bought a bag of these cow heads on clearance and have been using them for different fun things. As you have probably figured out that each craft on this blog is done with little or no money investment.

I choose SAC  the French word for bag. This one will be a surprise for my daughter. So gather up your old pants and join me in this craft! Have fun!