An Empty Tomato Sauce Can And Some Paint Equals a Great Gift For A Dinner Hostess!

Hi there, it's cold again here in Florida , I have to always be on the ready to cover all the plants in the yard with cloth if we here tell of a freeze. Or I will have dead frozen plants on my hands. I have managed to save up some huge tomato cans. So seeing that I will need a gift this weekend for the cook I crafted a utensil holder. I used hammered copper spray paint then once it was dry I "aged" the copper a bit with some green paint here and there.

I used a piece of left over linen and stenciled some #'s on it added some cording bows and a vintage tin cookie cutter.

I also hot glued a small little ruffle on the top to give it a finished look.

Anyone with a kitchen to cook in will love this gift and the best part it is made for practically no money at all , and the creativity is all up to you. You can design it the way you like it but I must warn you may want to keep it yourself when you are done. Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share todays craft.