So..what do you do with and old set of shutters and an arched frameless mirror?

Hi there so happy you came by! I had this arched mirror and this plain old set of shutters that I really didn't know what to do with. Stuff like this I usually just put out in my shed until I find an inspiration on a blog or magazine, in this case it was the pottery barn online shopper. I saw this really beautiful arched mirror with shutters that open such as a window but with the price to the tune of about 500.00. So I took a visit to my back shed and got to work.

I painted  a frame on the mirror and just played around with the colors white , black , tan and a light green. I also did some stressing to the shutters.

My fireplace has seen many variations of décor. The ceramic canister holding the pumkin arrangement is one of a vintage set .

Of course I would much rather shop the Pottery Barn Catalogue !But for now this will do. Thanks so nuch for stopping by today it was great having you!

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