Hi everyone, so happy you stopped by! We have been busy here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air. We have been making allot changes, You bloggers know what I mean right? Like moving furniture around as well as Fall decorating and a little extra cleaning for the holidays. Yep, we have been busy as bee's.
Today I want to introduce you to the "Great Pumpkin", he is very easy to make and he sure does make a decorating statement. We had to replace our central air conditioning duct work so I had an idea that I would put some away to see what craft I could come up with. Seeing that Halloween is soon approaching I  crafted a pumpkin, a very large pumpkin he about 31/2 ft. across.

Little Natalie and Mr.S. worked very hard painting him. I just connected the ends together with a zip tie cut of the slack of the zip tie and covered it with duck tape. We had a huge amount of yellow and red paint so we mixed until we got the perfect pumpkin color. I took a piece of scrap wood and used it as the stem. I would have loved to paint him that "Fairy Tale" blue color that the real gourds and pumkins display but when children are around a pumpkin can only be Orange....Shukkksss! oh well maybe the next one I make I will do that color. lets take a look....

He takes up the whole garden bench. I think if you made up about 10 of these and scattered them in your yard with some rope lighting swiggled through that would be such a cool yard decoration.
The 2 skeletons and witch are from the dollar store. They have a great selection of Fall items to decorate with even Fall dishes they are so pretty adorned with leaves they even have glasses with leaves on them. Perhaps you could call your local AC companies and ask what they do with all their old duct that they remove from homes, they just might give it to you if they just toss it out. Hope you enjoyed the great pumpkin, he really is so very cute. Thank you for stopping by!


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