A Halloween wreath made from troublesome palm branches that have to be picked up after a storm

Hey everyone, It's Friday hours away from the weekend. If you are going out thrifting stop by Goodwill they  have such a great assortment of finds. I think every time I have gone there I never come out empty handed. Your money spent and donations that you give helps many people in many ways.

So we had a tropical storm the other day and the 3 Palm trees in front shed these stick like branches with these little berries on them so usually I go out and pick them up and put them in the proper containers for trash pick up...but the more I looked at the branches The more I thought about trying to craft a wreath seeing the structure was perfect for Halloween. So I stripped the branch and began winding and tying after I finished I sprayed it with Black spray-paint and came up with this...

This door is in my hallway off of the kitchen. All I did was attach some spider webbing and a little black crow. It has a natural Halloween feel to it. The Shutters are from Country Door and they are so beautiful you can find them in the latest catalogue. They are even nicer in real life than the catalogue. The price is right as well.

This is the palm branch that I have stripped the pieces for the wreath off of.
Take a walk around your yard you would be surprised what you could conjure up from what mother
nature has to offer. Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by Sweet Tea N; Salty Air!Come join me at these fun linky party's!

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