A Saturday little road trip led us to a wonderful Vintage find, Come join us!

Saturday was family craft day here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air but when crafting was done it was time for some fun! Where I live it is so hard to come by any good vintage furniture or the popular shutters or barn doors. About an hour from my home I found this adorable shop with wall to wall vintage treasure and the very nicest of shop keepers.

This shop was filled with oodles of vintage eye candy. Lets take a look....

Canning jars galore....

Check out this amazing barn door, When you look at this wonderful vintage piece you can't help to wonder who was the farmer that entered that door and where it originated from. I just love it. The prices are very reasonable  and the husband & wife team will also trade or buy what you may have. Hmmm, what do ya suppose I can trade for that door? That dresser you see with the greenish color has never been painted , that's the look that we vintage lovers try to mimic when we are painting a vintage piece. It is simply gorgeous!

Check out this cute endtable, Verna the shop keeper painted this wonderful piece. She also offers furniture painting classes, how fun is that?
What an interesting piece , You would find one of these at an Asian funeral as part of the barial ritual.
Oohlala! A hanging oil lamp that has not been changed over to electric, So beautiful and dressed so pretty in crystals.
A framed piece of vintage quilt oh so nice! What a great way to repurpose an old quilt.
This vintage cabinet is overflowing with collectible glassware and such. The back walls were lined with the cutest vintage wallpaper.
An old Stewart's root bear sign along with an array of vintage treasures and oodles of oodles of tools.
 Vintage books line the shelves, I purchased a couple ,one being " Rebecca  Of Sunny Brook Farms"

I just love collecting vintage books, It kind of brings you back in time so you can get a feel of life in the early 1900's. 1903 to be exact, the first paragraph describes a young lady riding in coach, can you imagine taking a stage coach driven by horses to any destination? I could do this but my dirt bike riding teenager , I don't think I could imagine her aboard a coach decked out with a dress and glove covered hands and a straw hat. The mail is delivered mail man on a horse. I just wish I could go back in time for just for a tiny bit of life back then.
.Going on a safari? This vintage hat has seen many adventurous excursions, so very cool.
What a cute vintage step stool and I fell in love with this Yellow ware bowl, I just have to have it. I think Ill give them a call and ask them to hold it until I get back there. If you live in south west Florida you won't want to miss a trip. Prepare to stay a while for there is  allot to see. Have something in mind ? Give Chad or Verna a call. There are many items listed daily on EBay.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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