Giving A Little Fall Love To My Kitchen Window

Hi all are you glad it's fall? I am so enjoying every bit of it, the decorating, baking and especially the pumpkins! But I have been redoing my kitchen window, I sure do spend a great deal of time at that window washing dishes and such and it really does not have a great view only of the lanai. So I have to create my own great view.

First I crafted a very small rag wreath , I cut a hoop out of a top of a large margarine container. Took a bit of golden material and ripped a bunch of pieces off they knotted them on to the hoop. I had bought this very heavy black iron bird hook and never used it so it somehow fit into the theme. The wooden window frame that I was using someplace else worked well, a couple of vintage cutters and a wooden cow. Now staring at this while washing dishes just may make my job somewhat easier. If you have a boring window to look out just shop your house you will be surprised what you will find. The wreath is simple to make and oh so cute. I plan on making some and putting them with Christmas cards. A little gift and card in one.


I also attached a bit of red checked material to the wooden frame that is just placed in front of the window. I also attached some tiny red apples to the side of the wreath. After Thanksgiving I will be decorate the window with Christmas décor.

This picture was taken in the daylight and the window pictures were taken in the evening. But you can craft this tiny rag wreath for next to nothing, just the cost of a bit of material. I have found many nice pieces of new material in Goodwill and Wal-Mart Has cute material for 2.00 a yard.

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