A Delicious Fall Sunday Dinner as easy as Pie!

Hello everyone , happy sunday to you, hope you are enjoying the day. Some enjoy the time away from work, some enjoy making the rounds to thrift stores or favorite stores , some enjoy beaching it but here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air we have a big meal for the hungry Church goers and friends and friends of friends , who ever may need a meal. I have a really nice Fall recipe perfect for a Sunday Dinner. There is no special recipe its what ever you like and it goes something like this:

A Pork Lion Roast or what ever cut of pork you like

A couple apples

Potatoes, red or  white or even sweet


A couple large sweet Vidalia onions

Spices such as Garlic, kosher salt, pepper, parsley, rosemary and really any spice that you like.

Brown Sugar and  Maple syrup for drizzling

plenty of good EVOO extra virgin olive oil

Pats of butter (optional)

Ok....got your Apron on?  Place the Pork in a nice size roasting pan, big enough to hold all the veggies as well. Now take and cut all your veg. in chunks and place snug around the meat. Grate the apples up and with your hand pat it on to the meat. Now take the EVOO and give it all a generous drizzling . Now Spice it up well the brown sugar and the syrup only goes on the meat. Add a tiny bit of water to the bottom of the pan place in a 350 degree oven, now time will vary dependind on the size or cut of meat. Its basically 20-25 min. per pound or if you have a meat thermometer it will read about 160 degrees. Always remember to let the meat sit for a bit maybe 10 minutes or till you cut it.
It should look something like this....

This meal is great with just a salad and some bread rolls. This meal will be sure to gather everyone around the Sunday table. This is after it comes out all cooked and browned to perfection...

The vegetables and meat have browned  and the apple forms a beautiful crust of applely goodness ,kind of like built in apples sauce. Your home will have this amazing scent of apples and pork baking in the oven , yum! I hope you will consider trying this.This big old black roasting pan is always being utilized I use it allot it belonged to my sweet mom who passed away a few years ago. I can remember my Granma Sally having one and it was always filled with her beyond delicious Polish stuffed cabbage. I sure do miss her so along with my mom. But the traditions carry on with the big old roasting pan.

Thank you so very much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your Sunday dinner.

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