Blackbirds singing in the dead of night!

Hi everyone hope you are enjoying your Sunday! A day of rest and relaxation. I am working with the brown grocery bags again today, I just don't want to get the nick name of bag lady. I made a garland out of a brown grocery bags. I drew them freehand and gave them a bit of black paint a tan beak and a white eye. Strung them up on cording and attached some raffia tassels. I thought they looked fitting on the front of my vintage icebox. Kind of a spooky eerie look, fitting for the Halloween season.

I must say it was a challenge to get these birds sketched out just right. When you do give them a shading of black be sure not to paint the entire bird it just looks so much better with a little bag showing through. I hope you will try this easy craft and thanks so very much for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air.

I have joined a fun linky party over at A  Stroll Thru Life  with a very nice host, Marty @