A plain Jane basket & some Christmas misfit decorations can make a beautiful Autumn arrangement!

Hi there! I am excited to share this project with you. A simple Fall décor with a punch of statement! I know the trend today is French wire baskets , and they are so very beautiful but what about all the regular woven baskets that we all have hanging around or in the basement, closets shelves? Today I wanted to bring back some life into one of my favorite baskets that hangs on the living room beam. I will brake this craft session down so we won't miss any details. And guess what? It does include some BROWN PAPER Bag. But you already knew that didn't you? Now lets take a look to see what I came up with.....for the basket I took some dark blue paint and watered it down a bit so the paint would get in all the nooks and crannies of the basket. Some parts I painted with a little bit of metallic copper .

For the ball ornaments I sprayed them with white and then did some copper shading for the look of an actual pumpkin , my son wants to know why pumpkins aren't orange anymore. I really couldn't explain that one . I myself like white . The children here  at  Sweet Tea N' Salty air all carve orange pumpkins for Halloween. What I did with the stem is I  took a small piece of brown bag and used hot glue and twisted it to form a stem shape.

For the bow I cut 2 large strips od brown bag and put them under warm water for a couple of seconds then I shaped it into a bow. Let it dry and its ready to place !

Pine cones and a couple of brown paper maple leaves were also added in the arrangement. Goodness knows I am trying to get someone to send me a bag from up north because there sure are not any in these parts. 



This is Sicily and Cocoa, they were  my helpers todays, they are not related and were gotten at different times but they are bff's  and never leave each others sight. So dust off your old baskets give them some color and fill them up! Thank you so very much for stopping by!

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