Welcome to my kitchen! Just got done painting my cabinets

Finished at last! I decided to go a little out of the box for my kitchen cabinets I used a color I mixed my self I want to call it misty pine for some reason.It's bold yet calm all in one plus it goes well with my border . I also used a stencil and some vinyl spakeling to create a raised dedesigh that would bring some texture as well as some defining with some paint. Let's take a look.....

 You can see the raised stencil on the drawer of the butcher block , I put a little snow wash on it as well. Snow wash is just a bit of bright white mixed with a little H2o . I put mirrors in some unusual places such as this antique oval mirror. Mirrors reflect light and tricks the eye into seeing a larger space.Oh and your just in time for some fresh pinapple. I had to cut it up quickly when the kids seen it or there would be no picture taking for me.

This is my 45.00 Bakers rack from our local Goodwill. If you'll notice I brought in some small photos on the top shelf. A real wooden barrel is our trash holder. Someone spent a long time building the wooden part of the Bakers Rack it has allot of fine detail.
This cute wrought iron Tomato was a great Tuesday morning find, The hook is handy for potholders or towels. Do yall know what this relic is ? A meat grinder from very long ago it belonged to my gram. It is fun to decorate and the wooden handle is great.
I decided to do away with a couple of cabinet doors for a more open feel, I really don't reach the top ones so I put some of my collectibles up there and easy to reach dishes on the bottom. I am under 5 feet tall so I am always standing on a step stool, 4'11'' to be exact. 
A chalkboard pantry door helps to keep tract of what we need at market. I found that black shutter type piece at a yard sale for .75 and it fits perfectly in that place. Thanks so much for stopping by Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

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