Wait a minute! Don't throw that big ole can out! Turn it into a gift any BBQ grillmaster would love!!

I'm wondering how many of you have these big tin cans  laying around your home. Many toss them away without giving it a second thought. We here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air use so much of this stuff so I always have them saved for several craft projects, thank goodness for back yard sheds, in Florida we do not have basements.

Our family was recently invited to a BBQ so I thought I would whip up a little token of appreciation so I took out a huge tin can , cleaned it up well and gave it a couple of coats of paint, dark blue . Cut out a piece of burlap for the label and stenciled BBQ. A trip to Dollar tree to pick up a thing or two such as a Teflon BBQ . Tuesday morning had the great red kitchen towels in red @ 1.20 each marked down from 7.00 each I also found a hamburger press and some cool unique spices. I gave the can a good spray of water based poly and tied a burlap/twin bow on it and Voilà  a great gift for the grill master. If your hubby is the grill master at your home gift him with all new BBQ utensils and some cold bottles of beer and he will be on his way to the grill turning out some delicious dinner! I have some great ideas for the huge cans that I will share with you later, so remember keep and save! See that a gift for only about 6.00 , not too shabby.