Welcome To My Favorite Room Here At Sweet Tea N' Salty Air , your just in time for a little lunch!

Hi all, welcome to my very favorite room , my room. It's where I paint things, craft, prepare foods, frost cakes, put out a buffet and can get dishes, pitchers glasses and things real quick to the table. This room is tucked between the dining area and the kitchen. Welcome will have a spinach salad and some sweet tea ,I will give you the recipe to some real southern sweet tea. Let me show you around. I have a bench and a stool for sitting round my Corrian work center. You can do anything to this top cut, paint whatever and it always comes clean.
When I was cleaning out the back yard shed I found this vintage lunch box, a great way to display depression glass!
The work table also doubles for a place to have a quick lunch, just some plain white salad dishes, a little crystal bowl and some Amethyst Ice Tea glasses
I stenciled a pretty doily on the back counter
This picture is a little blurry but in the back is an actual vintage gold mining dish, set up in front are my new short glasses, a Tuesday morning 90% off find.
This is my bakers rack that hold all my white platters , bowls and odds and ends. The drawers hold dinner napkins.
Two top cabinet sets hold 2 sets of vintage china .

Here in black tie for the occasion is another back shed find this cute Indiana Maid broom also swept my grama's floor, but I have since retired it. I only use it to fly about in the evening. Just kidding!
Here is my kitchen gadget collection

This crystal cut pitcher is my favorite and has served up many pitchers of sweet tea.
Dishes always ready!

Pitchers and serving bowls

Mirrors, you can never have enough!

Well ready for lunch?

Lots of storage two bottom cabinets and shelves behind the checked curtain and double the counter space.

I love to mix and match curtains , most I make myself. A while back I bought these suction hook gadgets from QVC and I love them You can hang stuff up on glass ! And yes laughter does sparkle  like a splash of rain! OK now for that Sweet Tea recipe.
  1. These are the ingredients you will need: Good quality Tea bags, Brown sugar shhhhh don't tell everyone our little secret. Cold water, lemons and some mint leaves. For 2 Quarts of water use about 5 teabags if you like it stronger use more Bring the water to an almost boil , while waiting for the water take about a cup and a half of light brown sugar and a few mint leaves and work them gently in the bowl just enough to bend the leaves but not tear the best tools are your hands for this step. Now when your water is at the point to almost boiling add your teabags after it sets about 15 minute take out the teabags and add your sugar and mint mixture give it a taste if its not sweet enough go ahead add some more. If you enjoy lemon slice one up and add to tea. Let it sit awhile and then refrigerate but before you put it away pour some on a glass filled with ice and enjoy it southern style , What does a northern girl know about Sweet Tea? All I can say is I have been taught well by the best! Don't get me wrong I can make a mean Yankee pot roast now! Until next time enjoy your sweet tea and it's been a pleasure having you!

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