Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July. Well I've been out thrifting with my family and my aunt. We hit about four great thrift stores and fond some really good stuff but this find I am about to share with you is my very favorite. OK try going thrift shopping with people that only see "Junk" they just don't have that vision that could beautify something, so I find this metal piece that looks something like a filing cabinet but it actually slides open from the top . I bought it for 5.00 it was 10 but it just happened to be half off day! When I seen it all kinds of uses were going through my mind ,first kitchen , I could use it as a mini island / snack keeper. Or maybe a place to store my freshly baked goods until I'm ready to disburse my treats accordingly. This would sure work well seeing it's hard to keep them away . Well here she is before her makeover....So I cleaned her up and sanded her really well. Keep in mind everyone agreed that what I was buying was total junk and a waste of money. Ha Ha Ha (they don't know anything) I Laughed! A plus for this piece is that it is strong and has wheels so I good roll it to the dining room decked out with deserts. Also great to roll to the dining table for tea. !

She's looking kinda sick here isn't she?
Once I sanded and gave her a good spray of primer I painted her with the same paint I used on my kitchen cabinets a shade of green that I see many vintage items wearing. Then I hand painted some cherries , I don't know but when I saw this piece I thought of cherries all over it. I empathized the edges with some black paint and last sealed it with a water based sealer. Now Look at her , isn't she beautiful?
 I added a new handle, a .36 Lowes Clearance