A summer movie and all the trimmings!

I am starting to think I should start building an arc, we have had non stop rain for days...I know its rainy season but this is ridiculous. It is typical when you live the farthest south in Florida. So why all you  that live up north are having a fun summer we are here in the height of humidity and rain that never stops oh and you have to pretty much run from your car to the house visa versa so you don't get that bit up from these monstrous mosquitos then theirs the bears you want to be careful going out at dark we have Panthers, coyotes, some time a stray alligator and many snakes so that's why we watch allot of movies and eat a allot of popcorn all summer. Today we made a cute Movie sign and we watched our favorite movie "Flipper" from the late 80's, The kids watch it for the movie I watch it to view the beach house and keep wandering if there is a way I could buy it. Give me a month and some shopping money..... It has so much vintage character. Do you know the movie? My children's favorite part is when the uncle makes toast with a torch on the wall.  Well there is an upside to this though... when you are all having snow and freezing weather we will be in perfect weather around 70 during the day and it does get a wee bit cold around 40 sometimes then I have to go out and cover all the plants with sheets to keep them from freezing up. But for now movies, shopping, thrifting and other indoor activities is fine. The sign is made from recycled flooring and many tones of paint to make it look old. In front of our fireplace we have a wrought iron stand that is always being used for something I picked it up at a yard sale for 2.00, today it's holding our Movie sign,


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