Some old pieces from the shed turn into something bright!

Every evening it seems as though I have to walk into a dark bedroom on my tiptoes trying to keep quiet but I usually end up dropping stuff cause I cant see. So I decided to make a nightlight out of some old pieces in my shed. Coincidently  the master bedroom is decorated in deep tones of red white and blue starring a quilt from the Country Door, ever shop there? They have the nicest things , they have an online catalogue , you should take a peek. Anyway here is what I found in the shed. Kind of dingy but that's ok I have a marvelous plan to see through.
The first step is to clean the pieces well. I made up some homemade glass paint with 3/4 part white glue (I used Elmer's wood glue I found it worked better) , a few drops of food color and a few drops of  dish soap mix well and I painted the glass globe a blue color. When using this homemade glass paint you have to work quickly it gets thick and stringy. I proceeded to paint the base a bold white. When the white was dry I lightly put some reddish shading over it, once that was dry I applied an antique glaze.  I added a little white "snow" shading to the shade , when all was dry I glued the glass shade to the base and attached a little burlap/ red checked bow. I also did a little glue writing and then out lined in white. Now I have a cute little night light ! As long as you have storage such as a shed or basement always keep parts , you never know what you can make next!

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