An anniversary / birthday and another birthday, lots of celebrating and a homemade gift!

Saturday we attended a surprise anniversary party at a very quaint church nestled away from all the hustle and bustle. The party was  for  a couple.  family members I have to say it was a very lovely party and put on solely by their children. The theme was black and white and everyone was requested to also wear black and white. The tables were decked out with black and white balloons and table attire as well . You could feel the love radiating through the church of this close knit family. Front and center the screen displayed photos of their 30 years of memories including 4 great children and one very cute grandchild "Juliet". Dinner was a wonderful Authentic style Italian pizza in many varieties along with antipasto and pasta. Desert lined a table in all heights of black and white sweets. Laughs and smiles swept among all the guests as they sat and enjoyed each others company. Seeing that this family is lovers of photos I decided to make up a pretty wooden photo box to store all their memories.

I sanded down the cherry wood box until I reached a semi roughness. It took two coats of a vintage melon color paint. Once the paint was dry I personalized it with the names and date . I Also applied some brown wax around the edges and hinges to obtain that vintage look. A good spray of a water based poly spray was applied then a little burlap and some cute daisies I purchased from the craft section at Tuesday Mornings. Ever been there ? It's a terrific place to get quality items very low at price, including Garden, clothing, housewares which I love they have some very unique things . I was happy that they really liked the memory box, I also included some old photos of them which they thought were funny. It was a great party with some wonderful people!

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