Gather round the dining table, your just in time!

Every night we serve up a big dinner here at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air, I have gone shopping here in my 3 china cabinets and searched my stash of flowers to come up with a summer setting. The star of this tables scape is my Pasachahce pitcher from Turkey, soon to flowing some homemade lemonade. The frosted flowers on the front are my favorite. Here pull up a chair and take a look.....

I found some pretty pink flowered dishes, some milk glass strawberry dishes and some cute goblets with handles. To give the pitcher some height I set it on a pretty rose glass bowl set upside down.
In the middle of the table I have a dragon fly stained glass lamp, I kind of tuck the wire through the table leaf , it works well and seems to set a nice ambience. Wrapped around the lamp is a wreath of lace and flowers.

The golden ware is wrapped in a ivory napkin with a flower attached.
This little hand painted tray is my latest find, its great for little thing like salt and pepper shakers and sugar bowls but I'm thinking that I may want to hang this on the wall in a grouping, anyone who knows me knows that Sweet Tea N' Salty Air is always evolving.

The table has four matching chairs that came with it and at the ends I placed two comfy wicker chairs with arms.
The biggest attraction dining here at Sweet Tea N' Salty air is the " Hen House"....
I just love Roosters , chickens and really cannot resist buying them when I get a chance. This is Princess, she has been trying her hardest to be in this photo shoot one way or another. I created the banner and used burlap for the bows and dug through my great grams tin of vintage buttons, I just love vintage buttons.
Sorry. The picture is not the greatest but this is a unique button with sparkles in the middle.
For a little whimsy I filled up a corn themed cupwith some raffia, also a ceramic hand painted egg holder from Mexico also serves as a raffia holder.
But this is the main one who rules the roost.....
The henhouse is a three tier shelf placed on a small table that I had painted , it's a great way to display a collection.
A beam displays an array of hangables such as this german latern and oodles of baskets.
I made a barn floor with some planks to set on the table in the front of the hen house.
This is Princess and she insisted on starring in this post , one good way of keeping her out of the Hen House, Thanks so very much for stopping by!

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