Are you washing dishes from a window with no view? Turn it into a whimsical window

It's Friday...yaaaa. Looking at the tropical storm Chantel and hoping she don't come our way. Do any of you have a window with out a view? I sure do when you look out my over the sink window you see the ceiling part of the porch and if I look really good I can spy my pineapple plant slowly growing.
I have made the whole window a special little place that includes a homemade curtain out of a vintage tablecloth , a swag that includes white lights for a little whimsy and some special pieces of glass wear, a shelf. I use little pieces of cut up rubber shelf liner under the dishes so they don't slip off of the window. I decorate the window and shelf for all the holidays and seasons as well. If you wash as many dishes as I do you need a little something to look at! I had some of the vintage cherry tablecloth leftover so I framed up a little sign with it. Hope this inspires you to put a little beauty into one of your dull viewed windows. Have a great weekend!