A Backwoods Fishing Powder Room & An Inexpensive DIY Mirror Frame

Hope your summer is treating you to some fun, it's just passing by to quickly. Our teenagers and guests are enjoying the Fishing themed bathroom. My children all enjoy fishing here very close to the Evergaldes that I thought I would promote a theme they would enjoy. The first thing I tackled was the humungas mirror without any trim so I came up with this great idea using Duck Tape. First I went around the whole mirror carefully then the next step was to paint the White base coat. Let that dry really well. I was looking for a vintage very old feel so I went for the crackled look. After the white was fully dried I painted on a coat of 3 parts white glue and 1 part water. When that was dried I then painted a coat of black. and magic takes place instantly the black paint starts to create the crackle goodness. After all is dryed I applied a coat of water based poly.
I have had it on for a while and with all the mirror washing I do it it holding up excellent. I have found  many items for decorating this room .
I found this vintage art made from copper at one of our local antique stores , I left the frame as is.
I constructed a whimsical frame out of some old wood that I had around just to give the tiny window the appearance of being large, I also made a little summer wreath to hang.I also attached some hooks so towels and whatever could hang such as the little fishing chair.
This cute mirror/towel holder sits behind the toilet with small towels, a goodwill 4.99 find.
This little lamp is staged with some vintage books a wooden bird, a copper cup that I put stray change in. I gave the lamp a snow wash and cut a fish from the paper and attached it to the shade.
An old bicycle basket serves as a towel holder.
A fishing net drapes up above the sink, a great conversation piece. A rusty star sits on a soap holder, a black bear fishing, a red vintage lantern, fishing basket, an oar that rests on a small table. The brick tiles that were a free find were an ugly brown so I tool some white outdoor paint and mixed it with water to get a white wash effect and that has held up really strong with all the floor washing I do. The kids and all their friends just love this bathroom . You don't really have to keep the same streaming theme in your home to make it interesting you can add many themes. 


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