Tired dull endtables get a new look!

Hi everyone!  I was recently in Home Depot  and of course I always hit the Opps! paint counter. I usually buy up any good colors but I found this special Martha Stewart paint for only 2.00 a finishing metallic paint and just the color I was looking for to fit well with chocolate brown walls. Its a pretty very light blueish.
here is the tired old end table.
That's a little sample I was trying out . It goes on smooth and adds that special flash of goodness I was looking for.
I found some new material for 2.00 about a yard at Good will and replaced the tired gold material. After giving the table 2 coats of the finishing paint I took some dark stain for a stressed look to bring out all the grooves and nooks and cranies.
I would definitely buy this Martha Stewart paint full price it goes on smooth and the metallic shine is just enough not to be too flashy. I would recommend this to everyone and I definitely am no getting paid in any way for saying so, it is one of the very best paints I have ever used so if you have a piece of furniture that needs a little lift give it a try you won't be sorry. Good luck painting! Thank you so much for visiting Sweet Tea N' Salty Air!