You will be surprised what I can do with a hot glue gun

I found this poor tired old looking lamp for 3.99 while I was thrifting. The poor thing had no color and just looked so lonely sitting there on the shelf ,I just couldn't resist. Hmmm I thought I'll take this poor thing home and give him the royal vintage treatment. I'm not too crazy I just love my things that I find that need a better way of spirit. The shade was a road side find that I was saving for the perfect mate.
The first thing I did was heat up my trusty glue gun. This is a procedure that I do on picture frames furniture and much more. I simply drew on the base with the glue let it dry completely and then I put a vintage type paint design...... like a light greenish blue and I just work lightly to get the glue design to pop. I used that color and black and white. Not to much paint just enough to give it that vintage feel.  With the shade I just lightly painted it and outlined the seems darker and I did a little stenciling "Family" And the finishing touch a burlap bow. No more boring lamp and she's proud to be front and center in the living room. I certainly had some fun with this project and for 3.99  gotta love it.

Here they are an almost perfect marriage