From Old White dated Ceramic Pieces to Foe Pottery Oriental Tea Set

My sweet dear aunt had gifted me a white ceramic 15 piece set, It was just white but had a really dated country blue design on it....just not my cup of tea. Many of the pieces  were chipped  but all were pretty different from each other such as a coffee and tea pot, creamer, salt and pepper shakers etc.   I could picture a bride about 60 or so years receiving this as a wedding gift.

I had been scanning the thrift stores for an Oriental Tea Set but have had no luck so I did a little compromising and came up with this............It actually looks like real pottery. Just using a simple latex paint  and I created my Oriental Tea Set. I  went one step further and learned some Asian words online Hope, Love , Joy and Happiness. (I still have to practice  a bit but I find Asian Language so fascinating.

  • So if you get a whole of some old ceramic stuff do not throw it away give it new life. And Aunt June I noticed you eyeing that old set when you came to dinner in disbelief but forget it I wont part with these beauties.