Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Welcome to the garden all Fairies!

Good day !  The rainy season just started here  I was wanting a fairy garden so on mothers day I went off shopping for all things Fairy Garden I was some what disappointed by what I saw and then it came to me .....buying was not an option I had to use my resources on hand cause that's what I do!  So I went through all my craft items  and starting gathering and constructing.

This must look like a pile of junk but I did use almost all of it. I painted the flower vases with out door paint so they are the little cottages. 

I just painted the windows and doors on and here I used two wire nuts for each side of the front door. The patio table is a scrap piece of wood with a wine cork for a base. I painted a piece a tile like flagstone 

The table top is a quart size paint can lid with the seats are mini cups

I am thinking that if I were a fairy this place would be great. 

Made this little little tree from a faux flower stem and just glued the leaves on the little mini bird feeder I had already

I used an upside down blue glass candy dish top for the swimming pool.....hey every fairy needs to take a dip right?

The standing flag is just material and shish cabob sticks

I will add to it as I go along.  So I hope I inspired you to gather some items and get your fairy garden made. For the most part  creating this was an  afternoon of fun!  
                                                                       Until next time

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